Naval architects and consulting engineers

Groenendijk & Soetermeer is a renowned maritime engineering company that designs both ship- and floating structures.

Our team is enthusiastic and has a good eye for design, teamwork, professionalism, technical expertise and commitment. We are located at Grevelingenweg 23 at the 2e Merwedehaven in Dordrecht. At this moment 4 naval architects and consulting engineers are working at our office. Our main activity is the design and engineering of new and existing ships, both seagoing and inland vessels.


Our main occupation is the design and engineering of new and existing ships, both seagoing and inland vessels

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Feasibility studies, various design calculations and construction supervision are also part of our work.

The calculations we perform are consisting of:
  • Construction calculations
  • Damage- and stability calculations
  • Floating fore- and aft ship calculations
  • Weight calculations
  • (Longitudinal) strength calculations
  • Hydrostatic- and hydrodynamic calculations

Historie of G&S

It started on the top floor at the Coolhaven. Here, the Groenendijk & Soetermeer company, was established as a partnership in 1946 and offers conventional and advanced maritime technology and architectural maritime services to shipowners, operators, brokers and shipyards.
The first assignment was the "SS Biervliet", a ship that was confiscated by the Germans during the second world war. It had to be repaired and modernized after the war. Over the years, orders became bigger and bigger. The largest ship that we have designed (in part) is the Chevron Kentucky. 344.36 x 51.87 x 25.61 meters with a load capacity of 253,554 tons (in 1971 for Keppel Verolme).